Happy Place

This is what South Florida (and particularly Hollywood Beach) is to me.



My first memories are from 1975, when I tagged along with my grandparents – snowbirds who spent each winter in Hollywood escaping Montreal’s harsh weather.  I have my best memories of this happy place and time.  Rolling down the A1A, mesmerized by the royal palm trees, without a care in the world. I sampled the best orange juice, walked along Hollywood Broadwalk, and mostly spent quality time with my grandparents  - whether at the beach or in the garden tending to the citrus fruits and vegetables. My grandfather and I had a very special relationship, and our time in Florida will be remembered forever.
 I think many young people like myself want to return to that feeling. My longtime dream was to have a place of my own in South Florida and live the snowbird lifestyle. Maybe rekindle that feeling. The favorable Canadian exchange rate and real estate situation in 2009 were factors in my decision to take the plunge and buy.  Maybe actually enjoy my investment dollars!
 As an engineer, I figured I could project manage anything – this would be a no-brainer. I watched enough HGTV to actually believe I could transform and renovate the space overnight. Well … let’s just say the process was definitely a challenge. I am happy to say that what started as an investment has transformed into a real second home for myself and my family.
I decided to write this blog to share my experiences as a Canadian purchasing and renovating a vacation property in South Florida.  I’ll share some of my lessons-learned and hopefully inspire you to create the vacation home of your dreams — and find your own happy place!

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